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WE control with

Reliable detection of visual microdefects.

Measurement and process optimization

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Replacement of 20 people

Performance of 7 mio. pieces p.a.

Deep learning with synthetics datasets

Powerful  18 neural networks

What We Offer


in the field of visual defect detection, measurement

and process optimization with the deployment

of automatic inspection machines with top optical systems and powered by Lotylda's unique artificial intelligence as a replacement for unreliable manual visual inspection.
Gold medal at the Digital Factory Fair in 2021 a
nd award among the top 3 systems in Germany for 2022.

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. machine and AI algorithm  

  repeatedly same and stable
. optics and machine combined

  in 1 automatic cycle

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Low operating costs

of AI installed system

. AI-controlled machine

can inspect parts in continuous mode throughout the year

. 1 AI inspection system can replace     the personnel cost of 20 manual       inspectors

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. no effect of human eye performance and itś health

. a person's overall health, mood,             taining and capability level does not       affect the stability of the inspection

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Versatility and


 . a small space for the AI machine       and its operation, handling

  and parts logistics

. after customizing the solution,

  multiple different types

  of components can be controlled

  on 1 AI system.

Where to apply

AI visual inspection wherever a brilliant surface and solid shape

Who we are

Since 1990, activity in top manufacturing and trading companies, transfers and foundations high tech companies activity Lean Six Sigma programs

and in the implementation of innovative projects.

Since 1995, positions in the technical, production

and commercial management in both international and Czech companies have been a deep source of know-how for relevant processes optimization , innovations and management of strategic projects. with focus on

increasing the value and profitability of companies.

Innovations , optimizations and their implementations are my passion !


Petr Koutný

CEO / Business & Project Development

Long-term work in the field of cybernetics, data networks, research and development of neural networks culminated in the design and creation

of a unique AI platform Lotylda . Throughout the history of business, people have used data to make more

informed decisions. Our mission is to make decision-making transparent and provide reliable data

at an extreme speed of their processing.

AI Research and Development are my passion !


 Vratislav Beneš 


AI Development Management  

The Possibilities Are Endless

aviation industry

precision engineering
medical components



Our Clients


Blanenská 1288/27,

664 34 Kuřim, Brno

+420 733 689 319

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